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Wednesday, December 16

  1. page 10. Air battles, airplanes, air weapons edited ... TYPE OF WW1 Plane Armstrong Whitworth FK8 : The FK.8 was a basic airplane design intended to …
    TYPE OF WW1 Plane
    Armstrong Whitworth FK8 : The FK.8 was a basic airplane design intended to supercede the capabilities of the preceding FK.3 as a more powerful robust improvement model. The twin seat configuration placed the pilot in front and an observer/rear gunner in back. Armament consisted of a single forward-firing fixed 7.62mm Vickers machine gun and a single 7.62mm trainable Lewis-type in the rear cockpit position. Provisions for bombs were also a part of the arsenal for the FK.8. Power was derived from the Beardmore inline piston engine that generated upwards of 160 horsepower.
    Then to now Weapon Advancements Today - Planes have changed since WW1 in the issues we've been discussing in this page. Here they are.
    ISSUE 1: UseUse of plane-
    The F-15 Eagle is one of the greatest combat jet planes in ever created in the history bof modern man. The first Eagle took off in 1972., four years later it entered service in 1976. It was designed to have air superiority, so when they had control of the sky, other aircraft (i.e. Bombers and other craft) could safely carry out their
    ISSUE 3: Plane craftsmanship. Plane craftsmanship has changed since World War I greatly! Some changes are in world war on the planes were made out of wood which caused the plane to be really weak and vulnerable which, in turn, would cause the plane to get shot down easier. Today, planes are made out of metal and composite material that is perhaps the toughest armor known to man. Another major change that has evolved in the airplane of today is the engine. Early airplanes had very poor and weak engines. These engines would sometimes die in the air during flight or even explode. Today, engines are one of the most important parts of the aircraft. They are built around armor and are very protected and strongly built. Planes today are no longer called flying coffins. Modern aircraft are known as some of the safest known to man. So planes have changed over time in craftsmanship. It's probably one of the biggest changes in planes since then, besides the issues I stated.
    pretty amazing!
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Wednesday, February 15

  1. page 01 Causes of War edited Causes Of WWI The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand {History_Archduke_Franz_Ferdinand.jpg} …

    Causes Of WWI
    The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand
    The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand is the first concrete reason for the star of the First World War. The Archduke's assassination was the direct result of conflict in the Balkans in the years just prior to 1914, more specifically the tension between the tiny independent nation of Serbia and the large multi-ethnic Austro-Hungarian (or Hapsburg) Empire. Siberia wanted to spread out and gain power but could not because of Hapsburg. In 1914, a Serbian secret society decided to act out and killed the heir to Hapsburg, Ferdinand, and his wife. War soon followed, officially bringing out all tensions of European nation-states and starting World War I.
    The Arms Race
    The Arms Race made it evident that if any nation-state in Europe wanted to keep its place, it needed a big enough army to push back. Naval competition between Germany and France is a good example; they needed to adding shops to supply enough effort to at least come to a standstill and not be overcome. With this type of competition there came a demand for heavier-impacting weapons such as the machine gun, and a process found by the Germans of removing nitrogen from air to get explosives.
    Nationalism...................................................... {}
    By 1900 nationalism had gone beyond the Romanticism it used to be. It was turned into the self-glorification of the nation-states at any costs; even at the expense of other nation-states. As nationalism grew it gained more holidays which upped the feeling of celebration with the war. And with that growing feeling of excitement that came with war came more and more pride for the nation-state. Propaganda aided in the influence of nationalism with books and pamphlets. Even schools were fitting nationalism into their curriculum. As all the separate nations grew in pride, they bragged of how good they were, making other nations mad; everyone think that they were the best.
    Connections Between WWI and the Iraq War Today
    The greatest connection between the two wars is the theme of nationalism. Developing pride in their country's belief turned into radicalism and led to other countries pushing back to try to control it. Just as the assassination of Franz Ferdinand marked the beginning of WWI, 9/11 marked the declaration of war in Iraq.

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Thursday, February 9

  1. page 001 Topic Choices edited ... 15. Major events/battles during the course of the war (both WWI and a war today). This involve…
    15. Major events/battles during the course of the war (both WWI and a war today). This involves choosing three specific battles for both WWI and a war today. You will give details about each of the battles and analyze how war has changed and/or stayed the same.
    16. Leaders and their role in conflict (both WWI and a war today). Choose three leaders for each war, describe each of them and give clear analysis on how their leadership changed the war (for example, they led a battle and it was a success, or they changed the direction of the war, etc). Analyze similarities and differences between the impact of leaders in WWI and today.
    17. Transportation. How did troops get from one place to another during World War I? Research and describe all the different ways they got around. Then research and compare it with how militaries get around today, how did our soldiers get to Afghanistan and/or Iraq, and how do they get around once they have reached their war (all the different types of transportation). Similarities and differences and how this makes war different or the same today as it was back in WWI.
    18. You may come up with your own topic and get it approved by the teacher – TOPIC Must include both WWI and a war today
    17.19. You may
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