Battle of Liege- Ran for twleve days and was ran by the Belgians opposing german forces. Belgian forces were heavily outnumbered but due to heavy artillery and machine gun nests made the battle of Liege run for twelve days. This delayed the schlieffen plan and caused the Germans to think of new moves. Since this delayed the Germans it gave the French time to recover.

Battle of Belimov- Heavy fighting on the eastern front that involved Russian forces and German force. A battle that lasted two weeks was essential to the Russian army in order to keep the Germans from capturing Warsaw. This battle was the key to the popular battle of the Masurian lakes.

Battle of Loos- This battle was conducted by the French and English. It was a huge major offensive to push the Germans back to the Rhine and eventually into Germany. There was heavy casualties on both sides. This battle surprised the Germans becuse it delayed the schlieffen plan and caused heavy casualties to the German bulk.

Operation Vlasic
Operation Vlasic took place in december in Northern Bosnia.It was very similar to the battle of Loos. Bosnian 7th infantry along with the special forces and green berets of Bosnia and hercegovina fought alongside with Croatian forces to help loosen the Serbian chokehold in Croatia and northern Bosnia. Modern Weapons such as planes and heavy artillery pieces were used along with great sacrifices of all 3 armies. Due to strategic planning the offensive was succesful to put Serb forces into a two piece army.
The sacrifices on the huge Bosnian Mountain and coastline of Treskavica took many lives of the Bosnian 3rd and 6th corps. To keep Sarajevo Breathing and equipment flowing in deep trenches were dug along with strategic airplane scouting and bombing. Being outnumbered like the Germans at the Battle of Belimov, Bosnian army was able to hold off due to strategic warfare and bravery and keep the south of Bosnia (Herzegovina) free for the flow of equipment to Sarajevo.
Seige of Sarajevo
The seige of Sarajevo was questioned by the world leaders. How will Sarajevo hold being occupied on four out of its five Olympic mountains by the Serb aggeressor. In WWI Belgium fought bravely to hold off German forces, the Germans thought they would walk through Belgium just like the Serbian army thought Bosnia would fall in two weeks. Instead brave sacrifices of all nationalities and people defended Sarajevo ranging from men and women to civilians and trained special forces. The price of freedom in Bosnia came from its heart of Sarajevo. Unlike Belgium Bosnia never fell under control of Serbia, but Belgium also would never face the same consequences as the Bosnian and Herzegovinian people would to Serb oppression