1. Causes of war (both WWI and a war today). There are many reasons that wars happen, your job is to explain how both WWI and a war today happened, and analyze whether there are any similarities and what are the differences. You could include things like the specific event that started the war and the longer term causes of the war (why tensions were rising between the two sides over time).

2. Attacks on U.S. or U.S. citizens (Lusitania) and the U.S. response - (both WWI and a war today). You must present both WWI and a war today in a comparative fashion. Don’t just list what happened in each, you must summarize events that happened in WWI and events that happened in a war today, then explain how they are the same and/or how they are different. Also give analysis of US response in both WWI and today and how they are similar/different.

3. Women’s roles at home and in the war (both WWI and a war today). What role did women play at home in WWI and how does that compare with women today (did the roles for women change in the US with modern war as they did for WWI)? What roles did women play on the battlefield in WWI and do they have different roles today? Combat? Include similarities and differences between women’s roles in WWI and a war today. Also include analysis of why those roles are different or the same, or how the change has impacted the war effort.

4. Propaganda (on both sides of WWI and a war today) - include different types of propaganda. Show examples of propaganda (for today you may include one or two videos instead of one of the pictures. Link the videos to the wiki site.). Are there similarities to the ways that the government/military was trying to convince citizens in WWI and today? What are the main differences? Remember that some of the propaganda today can be found at the army or other military websites, but also some of it is found in news articles that make the enemy (Sadam Hussein for example) seem very evil and that we must do something to save ourselves or others.

5. Communications (both WWI and a war today). What tools for communication were used in the war in WWI (some just being developed) and what tools for communication are used by commanders and soldiers (on the ground, in airplanes, in ships) today. Explain the changes and whether this has made any difference in the way war is fought. Are there similarities?

6. Fronts of the war (Locations, events, Eastern v. Western, compare WWI with Iraq and/or Afghanistan/war on Terror). Where were the main fighting areas of WWI and how did that affect the way war was fought? What are the main fighting areas in a conflict today and how does that affect the way war is fought (war in a city or war against terrorism is much different than war in a country setting). What have been some of the main events in each of the fronts of the modern war and what were some of the main events on the fronts of WWI? Similarities? Differences?

7. Expansion of governmental powers. How did the government increase its power during WWI? Think about the planned economies you read about in chapter 23.2. For today, increase of governmental powers could include, for example, the Patriot Act today and how the US government now has lots of access to citizen records. How did these increased powers impact citizens in WWI and how do they impact people today? Are there similarities in the way governments increased their power? What is different?

8. Ground combat (trenches and other ground combat in WWI compare to what happens today). This must include HOW people fight on the ground in each of the wars. Do they stand and face each other on a battlefield and shoot? Do they dig a trench? Do they sneak around a city? HOW is war fought today on the ground? Explain this and compare to how people fought on the ground in WWI, including (but not limited to) trench warfare. How are WWI and today similar/different? Also include an analysis of why they are similar/different.

9. Guns and ground weapons including guns, mines and bombs –(both WWI and a war today). You must include descriptions of the different types of weapons and their capabilities, but DO NOT just put specifications of weapons, but must include an analysis (so what if a gun can shoot 500 bullets a minute, explain what this meant for war and how it impacted the war). For example: give examples of the type of gun used in WWI and give the general capabilities of those weapons, compare to the types of guns used today with their capabilities…discuss how they are different and the same. Be sure you DON’T just list the attributes of a specific weapon. Also, must include different types of weapons such as rifles, machine guns, grenades, bombs, flame throwers, etc.

10. Air battles, airplanes, air weapons (can include Drones) and important air battles or events - (both WWI and a war today). Describe the type of air battles, planes and weapons that were used in WWI and that are used today. Don’t just give attributes of specific planes, battles or weapons, but include analysis of how these have changed war. For example: discuss how planes are used differently/similarly today, how they have improved or stayed the same and how that has changed war or kept it the same.

11. Warships/submarines used, weapons on ships, battles involving water travel (both WWI and a war today). Describe the type of warships and weapons that were used in WWI and that are used today. Don’t just list attributes of a specific type of ship, battle, or weapons, but include analysis of how these have impacted or changed war. For example, submarines made a huge impact on war in WWI, explain that and also compare/contrast to what is used today. Have ships improved? Still used for war, how? Why are they different than before and how have they changed war? You may also focus on ships used for transport of soldiers.

12. Chemical (gas) and biological weapons (both WWI and war today). Note: you may have to look at other incidents today not just Iraq or Afghanistan to find these…for example, Israel has been accused of using chemical weapons, there was a terrorist attacks using Sarin in Tokyo, there was Anthrax sent to US senators in 2001. This topic must describe the use of chemical and/or biological weapons in WWI and also modern attacks or use of chemical/biological weapons today. Be sure to describe the effects of these weapons and what they are. How their use and/or effects are similar today to WWI and/or different. Also, what was the impact of their use in WWI and do they have the same impact on war today that they had in WWI?.

13. The home front – how is life different in the U.S. because of the war - (both WWI and a war today). This will have you looking at three aspects of how WWI was a total war and involved people at home, and then comparing that to how life has changed for us today due to the war(s). Which war impacted people at home more, WWI or today, explain your answer with details from both time periods.

14. Uniforms and what they carry when going to battle (both WWI and a war today). This will include explanations of what uniforms were like in WWI including their features, such as things built for safety, warmth or convenience compared to uniforms today. Have there been improvements? Do soldiers carry different things with them in war today? Similarities and differences must be examined and analysis of how any changes have helped soldiers

15. Major events/battles during the course of the war (both WWI and a war today). This involves choosing three specific battles for both WWI and a war today. You will give details about each of the battles and analyze how war has changed and/or stayed the same.

16. Leaders and their role in conflict (both WWI and a war today). Choose three leaders for each war, describe each of them and give clear analysis on how their leadership changed the war (for example, they led a battle and it was a success, or they changed the direction of the war, etc). Analyze similarities and differences between the impact of leaders in WWI and today.
17. Transportation. How did troops get from one place to another during World War I? Research and describe all the different ways they got around. Then research and compare it with how militaries get around today, how did our soldiers get to Afghanistan and/or Iraq, and how do they get around once they have reached their war (all the different types of transportation). Similarities and differences and how this makes war different or the same today as it was back in WWI.
18. You may come up with your own topic and get it approved by the teacher – TOPIC Must include both WWI and a war today
19. You may come up with your own topic and get it approved by the teacher – TOPIC Must include both WWI and a war today