Alliances in World War I and the Iraq War

by Joe Student and Jane Student

Introduction. Alliances are important in any war because they increase the size of the war and can help determine who wins the war. In World War I, the alliance system was one of the main causes of the war, whereas alliances were not a main cause of the modern-day Iraq war. In both World War I and the Iraq war, alliances played an important role in creating a larger war, though this was especially true in World War I. (Note to the reader: this is an effect of the alliances, so is analysis not just fact. I wrote this introduction AFTER getting the information for my issues. I suggest you do the same, write your introduction after the issues, so that you can use all the information and provide analysis).

· Issue #1: Alliances as a cause of war.
Alliances prior to WWI (ABC-CLIO)

Before the start of World War I, Germany was concerned about the alliance between France and Russia. Germany had been allied with Russia previously, but there were tensions between Germany's other ally, Austria-Hungary and Russia. Therefore, France and Russia created an alliance and Germany feared being surrounded by its enemies,which increased tensions and was one factor leading to war (ABC-CLIO). Without the complicated web of alliances between European powers, the war might not have even began, or might have been a war between Austria-Hungary and Serbia, but certainly not one that involved the majority of Europe.

Multinational Coalition forces in Iraq. (

In the Iraq war, the United States has had many allies join the war with them. The war is large in terms of the number of countries that have participated on the side of the US-led coalitian including Britain, Poland, Spain, Nicaragua, Thailand, Singapore, Hungary and Australia (, Therefore, like in World War I, alliances are an issue in this modern war. However, the main difference is that the war did not start as a result of these alliances.

Statue of Saddam Hussein.

· Issue #2 : Britain and US alliance. Issue #2 is not completed since this is only a sample.
· Issue #3 Size of the war. Issue #3 is not completed since this is only a sample.
Section 3 - Conclusion. (not completed for this sample).

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